Precision Nutrition Lean Eating Update - Week 3

If ever there was a doubt about signing up for Precision Nutrition, it is gone. This program is honestly amazing. Everyday I remain aware and concious of my goal. Does that mean I am doing it perfectly… nope. The key is that I am doing it. I am working towards my goals - and I will keep saying that.  

The habit for the next two weeks is going to take some serious reflection. 

Eat slowly. 

Easier typed than done.

It is kinda crazy how tough it is to eat slowly. Staying conscious of every bite, for every meal is a big challenge. Breakfast is pretty easy for me, and lunch I am managing.  I don't think I am 100% there with every bite, but I am good at putting my fork down or at least letting something on my desk distract me between bites.  After work though, it is like another woman takes over. I just lose all senses and want to eat crap without paying attention.  I think I will try to solve that problem by cooking better meals and eating at my dinner table. Solving my after-work craziness is situation I need to let ruminate in my mind. Solutions to come.

This habit takes me back to the time when I participated in a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program based on the book Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat-Zinn. It was eight weeks of meditation, yoga, and deep connection that culminated in a full day Mindfulness Retreat.   My mind is so far off from that level of concentration since losing touch with my meditation practice. Maybe connecting to the habit of eating slowly will seep into other areas of my life so I can be more mindful in general. 

Slowing down can be a good thing. 


Blah, blah, blah, and then I went for a walk.

I was feeling particularly blah today - like my life is frozen in time. Mundane time.  I want something different in my life. I want to shine and be bigger than I currently am. I want to reach out to the world and share something (the something is yet to be determined). I daydream about the success I am after and I am not completely sure how to get it. So that leaves me sitting there on my couch surfing the net to look for answers. Then by 7 pm when I realize the day is gone and I have walked only 928 steps, I really let the blah sink in.  Woe is me.

The inner dialogue starts. Brain to self "You should probably do your workout. You need to earn that checkmark." Me to brain "Well, I don't have to be in it 100%, I can be successful giving 80%." Brain to me "Consistency is key. Plus, you are in a downward spiral and starting to talk shit to yourself. I know, I can hear you. I am your brain after all. Just do the workout and you will feel better. You know I'm right."  Me to brain "Yeah, I do want the checkmark and it will make up for not giving my all earlier this week. Ok. I am gonna do it."   That went on for a bit and ultimatly I did the workout. Not perfectly, but I did it. Still feeling down I decided to walk. I like walking. It feels good. Sometimes it clears my head. Sometimes, I just let myself be distracted by music. Other times, I still feel down, but I am moving. And moving is always a way to make me feel a little less frozen. 

In fact, I decided to work on getting this blog ready for the world.

Movement is good.

The Journey That Never Ended Begins Again

I am a desk jockey. Yup, like a lot of people out there, for 40 hours a week, my bum is on a chair (mine happens to be  a really super awesome Herman Miller Embody chair), but a chair none-the-less. Since starting my current job nearly six years ago, I don't move as much as I used to. Saying I need to stop that is not appropriate here – it is starting that I need.  I need to start moving.  I know it makes me feel mucho better when I am active, but lately my activity has mostly involved hand-to-mouth exercise. Food has become more than nourishment. It has become a best friend for my mouth. If only it were an invisible best friend… However, the effects of this friendship can be seen and felt. Sometimes ya just gotta re-evaluate the relationships you are in. And I am at that point. I know there are better besties out there than cheesecake.

I have some bad habits that I need to work on. Like laziness maybe. It is so easy to just “veg out.”  Of course if I actually did that with vegies instead of Ben & Jerry’s Karmel Sutra I would be making a positive change.  I have a habit of making poor choices. I know I am not alone in that though.

I need to re-connect with my body and one way of getting there is through my mind. (The stomach goes to the heart and that entirely separate post.) I need to create new thoughts. My mind has the power, the control, the ability to change the direction of my life.  When I can use my mind to change my habits, I can change my body. The pursuit of fit, will be the pursuit of happiness too. 

I don’t want to be on this journey alone. I have tried this whole change the habits thing before. Enter Precision Nutrition. I found PN in May and I knew I wanted to join the coaching program - 365 days of accountability. I have my own coach and a group of people on the same path.  I am not typically a spontaneous big spender, but I felt it calling me. Of course I am still a little nervous, since I am good at quitting things, but I did it, I joined Precision Nutrition's July 2014 coaching group.  Nothing like a large swipe of the credit card to really make you think about things.  I then proceeded to eat like it was my last week on earth. Oh, I hope they have a habit that helps re-frame that mentality!

By the time the program actually started, I was not feeling it.  Two days in and I feel better. I am moving again and that is a good start.